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Doimo Salotti was founded in 1968 and counts more than fifty years of experience in the world of upholstered furniture. The official inauguration of Doimo Salotti took place on February 1, 1969 and, the following day, The "Il Gazzettino di Venezia" dedicates an interesting article to the event, published in the national part of the newspaper, giving credit to the entrepreneurial activity undertaken by the founder Giuseppe Doimo and his brothers, who believed in one of the poorest and overlooked countries of the Quartier del Piave.

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Doimo Salotti begins its journey in the furniture field, a story marked by constant and balanced development, which led the company to reach a leading position in the upholstery sector, both for its production potential and for its commercial set-up, with a widespread and consolidated presence in Italy and abroad. The latter, is now acquiring more and more importance in terms of visibility and business, thanks to the growing interest in the Made in Italy production, a symbol of quality and refinement.

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Doimo Salotti has always expressed its philosophy based on the perfect harmony between creativity and industrial development, as the photos of the Salone del Mobile in 1972 show and confirm. Functionality and aesthetics, quality and reliability at the best price. Sensitivity and attention to the search for innovative materials and new services, in order to consolidate a constant improvement of the product which has to be always in line with the latest aesthetics and fashion trends: this has always been the main philosophy of Doimo Salotti, our belief in a world of true values.


The production site is in the province of Treviso, in Mosnigo di Moriago della Battaglia, and covers an area of 25,000 square meters. Fabric, leather and modular sofas, sofa-beds, armchairs, furnishing accessories and accessories furnishing the modern living room with refined and elegant lines, ensuring attention to detail and an eye for modern living trends.

The industrial experience, fine-tuned over five decades, allows Doimo Salotti to perfectly satisfy the requirements for comfort and rest, combining them with an authentic artisan value. Doimo Salotti exports the best of Italian craftsmanship worldwide, with a clear and transparent message: our sofas are well made and produced to last over time.

Day after day, for more than half a century, Doimo Salotti has been strongly invested in research and development, paying high attention to the training of the personnel and ensuring efficiency and professionalism. We also aims to the otpimization of the production processes and the use of raw materials to reduce waste and environmental impact, to improve the quality of the products and the life of its customers. The creation of new solutions, the creation of furniture which can perfectly respond to increasingly complex and diversified needs, in line with new principles and new trends in design and architecture.

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