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Passion and innovation

Passion and Innovation

Our fabric and leather sofas are certainly comfortable, in fact they are the result of a long experience in the upholstered furniture field. After the first project, the creative inspiration is conveyed in a solid and tested industrial process that allows the production of beautiful and comfortable sofas.

The perfect sofa for you.

The value of all our collections is the constant research for well-being, expressed as a set of sensations that make you "feel good at home". A Doimo Salotti sofa becomes the moment of pleasant relaxation of the day. That's why the ergonomics of each element is fundamental: we are looking for innovative materials that can respond consistently to your personal needs. Every sofa we produce is a customized solution: modular elements which can adapt to the spaces of modern homes, exclusive fabrics easy to clean, striking aesthetics to rediscover the pleasure of furnishing the living area following your own style, hosting - it should be noted - under one roof, a nice design and a good sofa.

Our mission is to produce comfort that lasts over time.