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Eco-leather sofas: say yes to the Nabuk effect

If you like the soft and vintage effect of Nubuck leather, but you are not willing to sacrifice practicality to aesthetics, you can consider covering the sofa in eco-leather with a modern nubuck effect fabric.
Doimo Salotti proposes in its fabric sample range two Nabuk effect fabrics, that are:  
ERIKA fabric Eco-fiber Nubuck effect
Erika or Ecofibra fabric are cheaper than real Nabuk leather, an aspect that should not be underestimated if you are looking for a cheaper, but pleasant and practical sofa, ideal for families who want to enjoy their sofa safely and in peace.

Erika or Ecofibra eco-leather sofas for a Nabuk effect

The Erika fabric is a water-repellent technical fabric made up of three elements, one of which is a cotton canvas base, a PU coating and top polyester microfibre. It is available in 10 colour variations and imitates the effect of Nubuck as its surface imitates the softness and the velvet effect typical of real Nubuck leather. This fabric is machine washable, in water at 30 ° and is also very resistant to wear.
The nubuck effect Eco-fiber is a polyesterfabric with high abrasion resistance. It is stain-resistant, water-repellent, detachable and breathable. Some usually indelible stains, such as the ink of the ballpoint pen, can be completely removed with simple denatured alcohol. The surface has the typical softness and a peach effect hand. There are 9 color variants including soft natural shades of earth, sand and gray.