Trame di Vita

Strands of life

We are precious fibers
fragile on our own,
indestructible when entwined

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Strands of life

Strands of Life Strands of Life tells three stories, ordinary yet special, in a warm embrace of modern society. Three portraits suggestive of plans, missteps, and the determination to overcome. We can always build and start fresh if we can count on our truest, most genuine bonds. Strands of Life is a peek into the contemporary family, from the living room, where we feel most cherished and safe.

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La storia di Rebecca

Story of Rebecca

Love Beyond

An unexpected letter, or perhaps a letter long awaited – is that why Rebecca hesitates before opening it? – could make a wish come true or close the door forever on her past and her own family.

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La storia di Andrea

Story of Andrea

The tightrope walker

A year since starting a new job; an anniversary, nearly forgotten, but rich with meaning. Andrea has taken the day off, and as if in a film, he reminisces about how he came to live in Paris..

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La storia di Giulia

Story of Giulia

A New Light

Giulia is a woman of strength, a successful professional and a caring, affectionate mother. Although her confidence crumbled during her separation, those difficult times are now behind her...

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Doimo Salotti

Doimo Salotti is Italy's leading maker of sofas. In business for over 50 years, we have interwoven our story with Italian society, remaining faithful to tradition while always striving for improvement and innovation. Strands of Life is our tribute to people, because it's people we think of when we begin to design every sofa.

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Trame di Vita

We love the sofas we make.
For the emotions they give to us
and to the people who bring them home.

Firma Doimo Giuseppe