Marco Z.

Motorbike Designer

One morning like any other, Marco enters his workshop and sits down on his Doimo Salotti sofa to enjoy the first coffee of the day and think about his thousand commitments. One thought leads to another and Marco finds himself reflecting on his journey, his choices. As in a short film, the last ten years of his life flash before his eyes, years in which he has literally turned his 'comfortable' existence upside down to pursue his passion.

Don't judge me for my successes, but for all the times I fell down and got back up


Marco's sofa

for Marco, who loves modern furniture inspired by the industrial style and who appreciates high-quality materials and fine workmanship, what better sofa than our Stuart? An ideal choice for those who, like him, love original models that balance aesthetics with functionality. A timeless sofa, ideal for modern and 'cool' places.

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