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Doimo Salotti's customer service will help you choose the best customized solution, in order to satisfy all your needs in the shortest possible time.

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FAQ: Frequently asked questions

Our sofas are modular and available in many sizes; they are also customizable with over 450 fabrics or 150 leather colors. For these reasons, we recommend to find out one of our authorized retailers near you. They will help you choose your sofa and will receive a complete personalized quotation.

If you need a map with the list of our retailers, browse this page: Italian Retailers

Doimo Salotti guarantees the availability of the fabric coverings for 10 years after the discontinuation of the product. This means that even if the model is out of production, for another 10 years we can remake the covering and replace the old one. Of course, if the original fabric is no longer in the samples, you can choose another one from the new fabric collections.

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Yes, together with the order of the sofa, we can also deliver a personalized quantity of fabric. Order it together with the sofa to make sure you get the same match of fabric.

Online, on each sofa's dedicated page, you can consult and download the technical data sheet, which contains all the sizes and modular elements available.
Check the list of fabric sofas and leather sofas, then choose the model you prefer. Scrolling the page, you will found all the documents you need.

If the sofa has a bayonet coupling system, it's possible to change it, otherwise it's not. If you want to order a new armrest ask your Doimo Salotti retailer, who will give you all the needed information.

Yes and no, it depends on the kind of sofa you purchased.
For more information, read the following article: 5 frequent questions about sofas

Every part of your sofa is been produced in Italy, from the beginning to the end of the production process, by Doimo Salotti's skilled workforce. We have been doing this for 50 years, with care, attention and a pinch of pride!

The choice between a leather or fabric sofa depends on several factors, some objective, others personal, which are more or less important for each of us. When choosing, consider some aspects such as:

  • The number of the family members: do you live alone, with someone else, with children or babies?;
  • The presence of pets;
  • How much the sofa will be used;
  • The need for a removable and washable covering;
  • The presence of people who suffer from dust or pollen allergies;
  • The need for a stain-resistant covering.
Talk with your Doimo Salotti retailer and find the answers you need.

If you want to be sure you like the sofa you saw online, contact our customer service: fill in the form down below this page Doimo Contact Form
Tell us the name of the model you're interested in and your location.
We will contact you and you will have all the needed information.

The ergonomics of a sofa makes it comfortable or uncomfortable. If you want to experience the maximum comfort, you'll need to sit on the sofa for at least 10 minutes.

Some sofas may seem stiff the first time you seat on them. After a few minutes, they will adapt to the body pressure, shaping the padding and becoming comfortable.

For a good comfort, the whole body must be supported in a correct way, without being neither too rigid nor too soft. Furthermore, the depth of the seat also affects. Taller people will need sofas with deeper seats and vice versa.

Moreover, there are some guide lines for the perfect ergonomics:

  • Do not choose sofas with too stiff seats.
  • Avoid sofas with backrests reclined backwards.
  • Also the overly reclined backrests, which force the body to lay down, are uncomforable.

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The technical sheets can be found and downloaded on the page of your favorite model.

The technical sheet of the upholstery informs you about the composition of the upholstery of your sofa, the maintenance rules of the fabric or leather, the proper type of washing process. Keep them carefully because you may need them even after a few years.

You can contact your retailer, or contact our customer service - attaching as much information as possible on the sofa, such as the year of purchase or the name of the model.

Removing the covering in order to wash it, is a fairly simple operation. The important thing is to remember some procedures, summarized on this page:

How to remove the covering in order to clean it: Remove the fabric covering

The stain-resistant covering is a fabric which, due to its particular composition, absorbs stains. Even after hours of stagnation of the substance, the fabric is hydro and oil repellent, so it does not absorb water or greasy solutions.

Are you curious to see a stain test on stain-resistant fabrics?
Watch the video about the test of Doimo Salotti stain-resistant coverings

How do Doimo Salotti's modern stain-resistant fabrics work?
Discover the stain-resistant coverings and sofas

The ordinary maintenance of a leather sofa can be done with a normal slightly damp cloth, to be dried then with a soft cloth.

To keep the skin soft, occasionally use a product suitable for leather products. Also remember that, when placing the leather sofa in the room, it is not recommended to keep it close to sources of heat, nor in direct contact with sunlight. The leather would dry out too much and show damages.

Read our tips for the proper maintenance of leather sofas

The nabuk leather sofa requires more attention than another types of coverings. For the routine maintenance, follow the following instructions:

  • Use a soft cloth or special brushes to remove the dust.
  • Never dab it by squeezing the stain, you will get the opposite effect making it penetrate even more.
  • Do not use common detergents but special products for leather.

Read the article: nabuk leather sofas - choice, care and cleaning

NO to degreasers. They clean well, but after a short time (it depends on how much you use it) you may have the deterioration of your sofa cover. If you need to get rid of stains, use a slightly wet sponge and very little neutral soap, but dry the coating very well.
Humidity is the worst enemy of eco-leather!
If the sofa is in a damp room, know that this can create electrolysis, a phenomenon that causes the surface layer of the coating to flake off.

Read our pieces of advice about the sofa maintenance

The legal guarantee of conformity of Doimo Salotti products is two years from the date of purchase, as established by the Consumer Code (articles 18 and ss.).
Consumers can assert their rights towards the dealer, even if different from the manufacturer.

If you need assistance over a Doimo Salotti product, you can ask to the retailer from whom you purchased the item.
The retailer will collect all the valuable information in order to give you an impeccable assistance: remember to save the technical data sheet of the product and covering. If it's the case, we will be awared by the dealer and go ahead with the extraordinary interventions on the product, or support the assistance service.