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The best chromatic matches for the fabric sofas

The fabrics for sofas, through colors and patterns, make an important contribution to the final aesthetic of the sofa, which in turn influences the environment in which it is located. Color is a fundamental aspect of our life, we are immersed in it and, without realizing it, we are influenced by it.
Colors are important manifestations of light and silently transmit visual sensations and emotions, also through the perception of the space they transfer to us. Precisely because of the energies they transmit and their infinite colour tones, each individual color is better suited than others to a room in the house and to a specific function.

The importance of colours for our phisical and psychological well-being

To give some examples of the characteristics of the colors: yellow has a stimulating and energizing action, green reassures and calms, orange helps concentration. In the living room, being a very versatile room, you can play with colors as we like. The important thing is to obtain a welcoming environment for those who experience it.
In the living area we can use colors such as yellow (vital and stimulating) or dark colors such as gray, anthracite and black, the expression of modern trends, colours not recommended in the bedroom, where green, pink or lilac are preferred.

Fabric for sofas: match the colour with the rest of the living room

Light colors visually enlarge the perception of space while dark colors make it smaller.
A light color next to a dark one seems lighter than it actually is and it is the same for dark colors.
The soft colors give sensations of freshness. Ideal for the most private areas of the home, bedroom and study.
Bright colors on large rooms can give overwhelming sensations, better choose bright colors for outdoor furniture.
Light colors help to illuminate the environment. Recommended for small rooms where you want to give an idea of ​​space.
In small spaces the use of the same color in different shades can help to give continuity and wideness to the environment.
Contrasts between different colors can create pleasant visual effects, you can play with the furniture, the floor and the walls