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Design sofas: for a refined home or an industrial loft

Living in an industrial-style house is now a real trend that finds expression in different forms.
The windows, generally very large, bring light to the rooms creating unity to the space: the aluminum window frames with a quadrangular shape give rhythm to the walls together with columns and load-bearing pillars. The industrial-style house is apparently poor in terms of materials: wood, iron, brick and concrete, all in its raw state.

The design sofa for your living room

The selection of furnishings for the house depends on the architectural and stylistic choice of the same: in the industrial style, few but functional and versatile furniture pieces are preferred. So Loft and open space solutions, very high rooms, require furnishings that are not left to chance. The design sofas to furnish an industrial house meet these needs.

A real industrial space almost always has a brick wall exposed or rough finished with imperfect plaster. The walls are the background texture to the furniture with which you have to deal with in the choice of the sofa in leather or fabric, normally with a low back.

Can I place a design sofa in an industrial room?

Among Doimo Salotti proposals we find both leather and fabric upholstered sofas with precise characteristics suitable for these environments.

Stuart is a design sofa that breaks the patterns of traditional upholstered sofas. The refined and slender line of the armrest, contrasted by large seat and back cushions, is made attractive by the leather upholstery which enhances its shape.

A design that plays with both formal and material contrasts. The leather and steel finish of the feet reflect the industrial style of the materials in the sofa. Stuart takes its place among the design sofas to furnish an industrial-style house precisely for its ability to communicate with the space in which it is inserted.

The proper position of the sofa makes the difference

The industrial design house is made 50% of architecture and 50% of the choice of furniture: it requires few but essential elements, vintage objects mixed with new ones. Now all that remains is to find the best match for the seat, the fabric or the leather that inspires you, the right position and enjoy the relax immersed in a comfortable and original environment.