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Small sofas with two seats: save space and enrich the room!

Furnishing small-sized living rooms with taste and style has never been easier.
Not all houses have large living rooms in which to place big sofas in the center of the room. In houses and apartments in the city center, very often the entrance and living room merge with the kitchen, in a single room. Sometimes the configuration of the apartment forces us to place the upholstered sofa in a precise position or to choose a two-seater sofa bed, for the guest or children.
So, centimeter by centimeter, we are measuring the surface available with the sole scope of enhancing the room with a solution that optimizes the space and at the same time satisfies our expectations.

What kind of sofa should I choose for a small room?

Be careful when you take the measurements of the living area in which to insert the two-seater sofa, consider the arrangement of the furniture already present, or that you will buy later.

Focus some useful indications to ensure comfort, ergonomics to you and your guests, and the minimum distances to be kept between the seats, armrests and other furniture in the house.

There are guidelines to keep in mind to obtain the ideal stay and which consequently should help you live your home better.

Valuable information for who needs to save space

The ideal depth of a space-saving sofa should be between 85 and 95 cm. A two-seater sofa is between 120 and 180 cm wide, while the three-seater linear sofa between 180 and 260 cm .  
To move at your best, you need at least 60/70 cm of free space . If the sofa is close to the dining area, calculate at least 120 cm away from the dining table.
To insert a table in front of the sofa leave at least 50 cm of space to get up without touching the table, however, it is preferable to place a service table on the side of the sofa.

What are the essential features?

If you want to have two small sofas , facing each other, consider leaving at least 160 cm of space because people's legs, when sitting, must not be touched.
For the two-seater sofas with relax mechanisms , that is with the possibility of raising the footrest, the frontal dimensions are at least 120 cm (considering the opening of the mechanism and the passage of a person ).
Do you want a convertible sofa bed even if the space is tight? Remember that the size of the bed when you open it can reach 220 cm

Perfect examples of settings

Here is an example of the Marvin model that allows you to have a two-seater sofa in 166 cm space. In addition, the seat can also be customized with one or two relax mechanisms.

The versatility of comfort is also increased thanks to the adjustable backrest. The Marvin model is proposed in fabric and the covers are removable.

For those who love classic small sofas, they can find a valid ally in the Monet model, the version with two seats measuring only 150 cm, a concentration of tradition, comfort and comfort for your stay.

Relax sofa with two seats

Even more restricted: the 2-seater sofa model Dylan upholstered in fabric measures 162 cm. Also in this case, both seats can be customized with one or two relax mechanisms.

The fabric, microfibre or eco-leather upholstery is always completely removable, also available in the non-removable leather version.

The choice of a two seats linear sofa

You have just moved, but your living room is not as big as you thought?
Do you want a comfortable, accessible solution that suits your tastes?
  Are you convinced that a two-seater sofa (about 180 cm) is the right choice for you!?
Often one wonders whether a linear, a corner sectional or the peninsula is better. We search the internet or ask friends. Create your wish list considering offers, cheap upholstery and market trends

Two seats sofa: fabric or leather?

Before buying a sofa of any size and value you should ask yourself "Who will use it?", But also, "What type of model should I prefer?", That is, it must be clear why you want to buy a lsofa: personal relax, sharing with the family. It is not as obvious as it may seems.

The choice of the covering is not only aesthetic

Do not fall into the trap according to which the leaher is more delicate than the fabric or on the contrary, that it is indestructible.

Both the leather and the fabric, over time, will tend to lose their original appearance ... but don't worry, they have only been "lived".

The covers "work" in different ways and therefore it is essential that the retailer or interior designer be aware of your habits and who will use the sofa. Perhaps, the alternative you had not considered is a stain and water repellent fabric.

The best sofas under 170 cm

Isn't space your ally? This doesn't mean that you will have to give up an ergonomic sofa with a unique style, chic and above all attentive to your needs.
Doimo Salotti offers several models that can be made smaller than 170 cm wide.
The Evoque sofa measures 164 cm, the Logan model measures only 162 cm, Dylan measures 160 cm, the Stuart 2-seater model measures 168 cm.

When there is a small amount of space, the linear sofas can help

A beautiful sofa must be able to integrate with the furniture, style and color you have chosen for your home. Our goal has always been to enhance that space with one of our products 100% made in Italy, starting right from the your preferences.
After all, modern and classic are only the extremes of a segment made of nuances and combinations capable of attracting our attention in different ways, to the point that often their borders seem to meet. What you consider to be a modern sofa can for some be seen as a classic sofa.

The dimensions of the armrests are important: the sofas Scandinavian style

The ones we mentioned are an excellent starting point, but the situations can be very different from each other. For example, have you ever thought that a pair of two or three seater sofas can be a valid alternative to a large corner sofa? You would have the opportunity to create an ideal and very refined conversation area.