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Classic sofas are timeless solutions

Tailored finishes and the continuous search for the best comfort is one of the characteristics of Doimo Salotti, not to mention the quality of the materials that are selected and used to make a classic type of product.

The capitonné finish gives life to the Chesterfield sofas

When a sofa is quilted or carefully made by expert hands, the covers are not removable because the way it is manufactured does not allow it. It is the case of Alioth, a classic living room where the taste for design, the quality of the materials and the tailoring realization are the masters. In this model, even the feet are made with the same covering as thesofa. A luxury that only Doimo Salotti wanted to offer its clients to make a difference.

Normally this sofa is ordered in leather and can be made both in fixed version and in the modular version. According to tastes and according to the spaces of the house. But on request Alioth can also be made in fabric, eco-leather or microfibre. In our opinion, the important thing is that the fabric is stain proof as the covers cannot be removed.

The elegance of the classic sofa

A classic living room normally has a high backrest and if made in polyurethane it becomes a little more rigid than that with the feather version. Let's talk now about Prince, it is a classic sofa for its rounded armrests, for its proportioned and soft shapes, which only by looking at them give off a sense of relaxation and well-being. Prince is available both in the modular version and as a fixed sofa, reaching very large sizes for large sized living rooms.

Despite being a classic model, Prince is expertly made with current construction standards. Completely removable upholstery, this model transforms according to the fabric that covers it, if in white linen Prince becomes more modern, if with a striped or patterned cover in silk blend it becomes more classic.