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Doimo Salotti 100% modular solutions

Today the modular sofas allow, much more than the sofas in the past, the creation of customized solutions in tune with one's own ideas of comfort and taste. For example, sofas in the corner version or those with peninsula are sectional type of sofas (or also called modular sofas) and are made by connecting linear elements to particular elements with special dimensions and shapes.

The design of a modular sofa as the center of the living room for the whole family matches perfectly with the configuration concept, to offer the widest choice and modular combination.
However, when choosing to create your sofa there are three factors to keep in mind:
 - the space available in the house, therefore the maximum dimensions to consider
   - your confort needs
   - the aesthetic and practical factor of the interior design
The term "modular" means the possibility of configuring Doimo Salotti sofas according to your needs, creating the right mix of comfort, size and taste. In addition to the well-known corner or peninsula sofas, the units available are really various. Even a linear two-seater or three-seater sofa is part of the concept of modularity, for example by adding the relax mechanism to one or all the seats, or by choosing a terminal element that does not include the armrest on one side of the sofa.

Modular sofas with tailor-made terminals and L-shaped elements

The sofa with shaped end or with peninsula or with the chaise longue is a practical and always up-to-date composition that can be modulated in various sizes.

Just combine the desired number of linear seats, 2 or 3, with a peninsula element or with finished corner, perhaps integrated with a pouf, such as the Charles sofa.

Some examples of modular corner sofas

The corner sofas, like the York model, are made up of two linear seating units joined by the corner element.

The modular corner sofas can be made up of only padded elements or with integrated accessories such as side tables.

Modular sofa with built-in coffee table

The sofa seats can be arranged as you prefer: fixed, with relax mechanism, extendable and in some cases even with tables and bookcases. Complex compositions require more space, but having a free corner in the house can be a complete furnishing solution , especially if bookcases or shelves are integrated into the sofa.
If the living area is the center of the house, a meeting place for the whole family, the modular sofa must be of adequate size to accommodate everyone. In the slider examples, the Bart and Leonard sofa.

Modular sofa with coffee table or bookcase

Finally, there are modular sofa models, designed to satisfy even the most demanding customers. The sofa can be transformed into a complete, functional and aesthetically sophisticated piece of furniture, thanks to the bookcase or shelf modules.
In this case, we are talking about complex compositions that integrate to standard seat wooden or metal structures with different functions and sizes, according to the requests.