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High quality precious leather sofas

Doimo Salotti has been proposing sofas for over 50 years combining quality and aesthetic sense with refined materials, a perfect combination for the creation of unique products.
What motivates our work every day is being able to offer you cozy lounges that last over time.

How do I properly clean a leather sofa?

The white leather sofa is undoubtedly a precious and highly requested product, especially in light colors such as white or ivory. To keep it beautiful over time, you need to take some precautions for cleaning and maintenance. Leather is in fact a natural material and to prevent it from deteriorating as it ages, requires specific care and attention, similar to the cuddles that we dedicate to our skin.

Do not rely on DIY tips in order to clean your sofa

Many of you probably have this type of upholstery, even in light colors such as white or ivory, colors where daily dirt becomes even more visible. If not properly cleaned and protected, leather sofas with light colors tend to turn yellow. Instead for dark-colored leather, dust is the enemy to be defeated.

Without giving in to improvisation, and considering that your leather sofa is also an important purchase, which will have to last for a long time, we want to show you on this page the best practices, that are, a simple and complete guide for the care and maintenance of upholstered sofas in leather made with specific and professional products.

Premises and suggestions for the cleaning process of leather sofas

Doimo Salotti delivers with each new sofa covered in leather a specific maintenance, cleaning and protection kit for the leather of the sofas. The kit used for the leather must not be confused with the one for the nubuck leather upholstery, which is different and specific only for suede leather.
- Be very careful to use the correct cleaning kit : the instructions on this page are suitable for all leathers with the exception of suede / nubuck.
The leather cleaning kit consists of two bottles: a leather cleaner used for cleaning and a leather protector, suitable for protecting the leather upholstery. Both products are water based.

1. Gently brush the leather covering of your sofa

Before applying the leather cleaning product, vacuum up the dust by using a soft brush. The seams are areas where dirt particularly lurks so you can vacuum or brush well but without squeezing the seams.

2. Pre-test phase (before using the product for the cleaning of the whole covering)

The first time you use the cleaner we always recommend carrying out a test in a hidden area of the sofa to check the reaction of the upholstery and color. As you know, the leather is a natural and unique product so, even if checked and certified, each leather piece could behave in different ways.

Take a white cloth and wet it with normal water. If the simple passage of the wet cloth generates loss or color transfer on the cloth, we do not recommend using the product. Otherwise do a second test using the liquid with the leather cleaner" label. If the result is satisfactory, proceed with the cleaning phase.

3. Leather cleaner: the professional product for the proper cleaning process

Shake the cleaner bottle and soak the white sponge supplied in the box in it. Move the sponge with the cleaner in circular movements, rubbing gently and without too much pressure. Dirt will be removed from the cleaning liquid. At the end, dry with a soft cloth. Use the cleaner over the entire sofa.

Even in the absence of particular stains, for which we recommend the immediate use of the cleaner, we suggest repeating this cleaning treatment 6 times a year, especially in the most used areas and before the dirt settles . Light leather colors such as white or ivory fear even more the accumulation of dirt, such as dust. Just because the color is clear, time and wear generate greater deterioration.

10 tips for the perfect maintenance of your leather sofa

Another important maintenance routine for the leather sofa that should be repeated at least 4 times a year, is the application of the leather protector. This is a specific water-based product that helps the leather to be mantained beautiful and hydrated. It also creates an invisible barrier that protects the leather of the sofa upholstery and helps the cleaning of oil or alcohol-based stains.

   - rub the products for cleaning or protecting the leather always slightly because the excess pressure instead of favoring cleaning, causes dirt to penetrate the leather
   - never use common household cleaning detergents to remove stains or clean the leather of the sofa. Do not use the standard and dreaded degreaser
 - do not treat the leather of the sofa with oil of any nature
   - it is very important not to expose leather sofas to direct sunlight, halogen lamps or heat sources as they turn the coating yellow
   - do not leave newspapers in contact with the leather of the sofa. Newspaper ink could be absorbed
   - avoid the use of clothing that can lose color, like jeans: it can be absorbed by the leather, especially if it is light in color
 - avoid excessive rubbing, both for the leather of the sofa and for the sewing thread
  - the ink or biro stains must be removed immediately, since once absorbed it becomes impossible to remove
   - natural leathers (also called aniline) are the most delicate and for this reason they must be cleaned and treated more frequently
   - the use of milk even if skimmed, to remove stains from the sofas' leather is not recommended because the fat contained in the milk settles on the surface of the sofa, and over time it increases the leather's ability to retain dirt
Cleaning kits for the leather of sofas are on sale at our Doimo Salotti dealers.

How to use the leather sofa's protector for the covering

For the protective as well we recommend a pre-test in a hidden area of the sofa. The protective must always be applied after carrying out a thorough cleaning using the leather cleaner product first. The protection is applied with the white soft cloth included in the kit box, trying to spread the product evenly and on the entire surface of the sofa.

If you want to obtain a more shiny effect, wait for the protective product to dry and proceed to polish the surface of the leather with a soft cloth, but without rubbing too much. This type of product is also suitable for normal leather upholstery but not for suede or nubuck leather.

The available collections

Craftsmanship and innovation combine with knowledge of tradition and new technologies. The spaces have specific characters, so we are always looking for models that provide continuity of style but with its own character. Our leather sofas last over time bringing with them an indisputable air of contemporaneity.
New in the collection are Pamela and Selene leathers, always made with fine and selected leathers. Selene is a thickened leather characterized by a thickness greater than 1.8 mm. With very high sealing characteristics.