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The relax sofas' covering can be removed?

The relax sofas upholstered in fabric not always have removable covers, because it depends on the type of mechanism that is used inside the product. By the way our entire collection of fabric upholstered sofas without mechanisms is completely removable.
For example the Palace, Marvin and Dylan models upholstered in fabric, eco-leather, microfibre have a totally removable cover because it is applied with velcro. While the covers of Ray or William models are not removable. In this case we recommend a stain proof cover or a water-repellent treatment so that liquids or dirt slip away and does not penetrate inside. Also a microfiber that is easily cleaned simply with water.
The upholstered fabric complies with all the rules already described for relaxing sofas, offering the additional advantage of being able to unsheathe and wash the upholstery whenever necessary, to remove stains directly from the sofa when the upholstery is fixed.

Change the relax sofas's seat position with a simple gesture

The sofas with the electric relax mechanism are a real luxury, within everyone's reach! It is truly simple and requires no effort to change the position of the seat because a simple touch of the finger is enough and it's done. Just give in to comfort, with Doimo Salotti sofas, and you are immediately satisfied.
A combination of technology and upholstery, the reclining seats allow the positioning of the backrest and footrest at different inclinations. The electric relax movement can include headrests, backrests and footrests. In some sofas you can also have the manually adjustable headrest, separately from the rest of the seat: an added value to comfort. In the relax versions of the sofas, we recommend a stain proof fabric or a dark one so that the feet can always be resting on the support without having the fear to dirty it.

The relax sofas allow you saving space

The sofas with relax mechanism are not more cumbersome, in depth, than the fixed ones. There are also modular models of all sizes but also linear sofas starting from the two seats with limited dimensions. Of all, the Dylan model starts from a 160 cm for a two-seater with relax mechanism, followed by the Marvin model with two relax seats in 172 cm. Another practical factor that distinguishes a sofa with relax mechanism from one without, is the weight that makes it more difficult to move.

The extension of the relax sofa's mechanism

The relax mechanism imposes some aesthetic characteristics to the sofa, such as the support at a low height from the ground of the mechanism. This mechanism is therefore ideal for sofas that are slightly raised, with a certain internal space, without forgetting the range of action of the movement.

The mechanism of the seat with combined movement of the reclining backrest and lifting of the footrest can reach an extension of 60 cm beyond the depth of the sofa. It is important to keep in mind this range of action in order not to put fixed dimensions in front of the sofa that prevent it from opening.

Modular living rooms with tailor-made relax sofas

Our sofas can also be modular, with corner elements, peninsulas and chaise longues. However, the relax mechanism can only be inserted on linear seats.
An example is the Charles model, a modular sofa in several sizes and with multiple elements, where the relax mechanism is inserted only in the linear seats.

The combined movement of the backrest and footrest is guaranteed by an electric mechanism which is activated by means of controls located on the side of the armrest. The maximum extension of this model reaches 50 cm beyond the depth of the sofa.