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Modern sofa with relaxation mechanism

Contemporary sofa characterized by traditional geometric lines and an essential design with independent seats and small dimensions . The coating, as needed, può be requested in fabric, microfibre, eco-leather or leather and è completely removable except in the leather version.

The versatility of the reclining seat

The seats can be requested with a relaxation mechanism, electrically reclining, with a combined movement of the backrest and footrest and hidden controls on the side of the seat cushion. In the relax version, the seats are supplied as standard with a practical headrest, allowing a comfortable and comfortable support. In the fixed version, the seats can be equipped on request with the headrests available in three width sizes: 48, 58 and 68 cm.

Data sheet

  • Solid fir wood structure, raw wood particle board.

  • Seat springing with elastic belts.

  • Padded structure in bonded resin and polyurethane foam.

  • Back padded with polyurethane foam.

  • Seat upholstered in polyurethane foam.

  • Electric mechanism and combined movement: backrest and footrest.

  • Headrest in polyurethane foam and frame in painted steel.

  • Metal foot with polished chrome finish, H 4 cm.

  • Upholstery in removable fabric, microfibre or eco-leather and non-removable leather.

Find the ideal sofa size

Dylan è a modular sofa, since, by suitably adding the desired elements, può be configured as a corner or modular sofa. The terminal corner, oblique terminal and peninsula elements join the linear elements, also equipped with a relaxation mechanism to create the shape that più adapts to the living room, even if small. To complete the furniture è The armchair can also be combined with the sofa, with or without the relaxation mechanism.

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