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How to choose the perfect modern sleeper sofa

Often, the double sleeper sofa, also called the convertible sofa, represents the best solution in order to furnish a small apartment, the holiday home by the sea or a guest room.

First of all, it is important to specify that in this article we will discuss the theme of convertible sofas. You may wonder why, I'll explain it down below!

The main features of a king size sleeper sofa

Some models allow you to integrate a mattress inside, among the various possible configurations, but they have not been thought for this purpose: consequently, the opening system will be less easy and will be necessary to remove the back and seat cushions to allow the opening of the bed.

A 2-seater convertible padded lounge becomes a comfortable king size bed, through a mechanism integrated into the structure that allows you to close an electro-welded mesh and mattress inside the sofa. The mechanism is easy to use and very fast, in fact it works without removing the seat and back cushions, tied to the structure itself.

Create your own convertible sleeper sofa

Even the convertible sofas can be configured according to different needs, in order to find the right balance between versatility and aesthetic results.

Some of our models may be your ideal solution, if you are looking for a sleeper sofa with a 3-seater element. The models can transform themselves into a double bed with a 17 cm high mattress and 3 variants of bed width: 120, 140 or 160 cm. In extraordinary cases, the peninsula can be udes a small bed for a child thanks to its 120 cm depth.

And if you also want a storage compartment, the peninsula of the Moore sleeper sofa can be your solution. Blankets, magazines and pillows can be tidily stored in a closed and hidden space.

Enjoy your lifestyle: complete the living room with a sleeper armchair

In modern houses, space is a problem: sometimes we don't have enough beds. In your holiday home or in a guest room, a sleeper armchair can be sufficient, better if combined with a sleeper sofa.

In our catalogues you will find also this.

The Mek, Mitch and Moore models can be configured in the sleeper armchair version. The linear and contemporary design allows you to furnish the room with exclusive aesthetics, without too many constraints and in a perfectly combination with an eventual double sleeper sofa. In case you need it, with a few simple movements and thanks to the practical retractable syste, you can compose 3 comfortable sleeping zones, perhaps with a memory foam mattress (optional for all sofa bed models).

What should I know about sleeper sofas?

The research and experience of Doimo Salotti has led the company to specialize in the convertible sleeper sofas field, creating products that are always elegant, comfortable and perfectly efficient in every functions. The fabric sofas meet the bed mechanism with electrowelded mesh for a transformable solution that in a few seconds and with minimal effort , becomes a soft bed.

Sleeper sofas are an effective solution to furnish spaces in a versatile way. Not only in a guest room, but also in comfortable bedrooms where the space excludes other possibilities.