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The linear sofas can count from 2 to an infinite number of seats

Linear sofas are usually required when the space of the living area is contained, when the room is very long and narrow or when we want to have the classic living room consisting of a three-seater sofa and a two-seater sofa. This type of arrangement can be made of 2 to 10 seats with no length limit. The comfort of the linear sofa varies according to the shape you prefer. In fact the range of choices are: high, low, rigid, soft, normal, sophisticated, classic, modern. Doimo Salotti has 32 types of linear sofa shapes and almost all of them with removable covers available in fabric, microfibre or eco-leather and or not removable in leather. A design sofa normally has a low back while a traditional line usually has a high back and allows you to comfortably rest your head.

The relax linear sofas

These models can be covered in fabric, microfibre, eco-leather or leather and Doimo Salotti offers over 600 variations of type and color. Normally the leather is not removable, the fabric instead is. Some linear relax sofas upholstery, even if covered in fabric, cannot be removed due to the shape of the sofa itself or the type of mechanism they are equipped with like the Evoque or Charles, William or Ray models.

These models are mainly upholstered in leather but it is also possible to request them with detachable fabric or eco-leather or washable microfiber. Thanks to these mechanisms that can be used in linear sofas it is possible to adjust the headrest and electronically raise the footrest to the desired position. A seat can magically transform into a chaise longue to watch TV or read a good book. The precious hidden Doimo Salotti mechanisms are at the service of the ideal comfort dreamed by all . See model Ev que, Dylan, Marvin.