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Bristol sliding seat sofa
Bristol sliding seat sofa

Modern modular sofa with independent sliding seats

Bristol is a modern sofa with an essential and particularly elegant design , characterized by large ergonomic seats and by the narrow and enveloping armrest, embellished in the center by the riveted seam. The peculiarity of the Bristol sofa is the possibility of configuring each seat with an independent sliding mechanism that allows you to extend the depth of each seat by 23 centimeters .

A sofa with great versatility

Both in the fixed linear sofa version and in the modular version by applying modular elements such as the corner terminal and the peninsula, it will always be possible to include sliding seats. Even the armchair, perfect to complete the furniture of the living room, can be made with a sliding seat.

Data sheet

  • Solid fir wood structure, raw wood particle board, OSB and beech plywood panel.

  • Seat springing with elastic straps.

  • Padded structure with polyurethane foam pads.

  • Back upholstered in double density polyurethane foam and coupled resin.

  • Fixed seats in double density polyurethane foam. Sliding seats in triple density polyurethane foam, always covered in coupled resin

  • Headrest in polyurethane foam and frame in painted steel.

  • Foot in laser-cut metal, H 14.5 cm, lead gray painted.

  • Optional: Laser-cut metal foot, H 14.5 cm in the lacquered colors from the samples.

  • Removable cover in fabric, microfiber or eco-leather and non-removable leather.

Designed to fulfill your requests as much as possible

The padding has been designed to ensure maximum ergonomics and ideal comfort on all occasions, thanks to the different density of the materials. The fabric, microfiber and eco-leather upholstery is completely removable. While in the leather version the living room is not removable.

How to extend the seat cushion? The sofa with peninsula!

To extract the seat of the sofa and lengthen its depth, simply apply pressure with the body on the seat cushion and slide outwards, inwards to return to the original position.

Among the various compositions that can be created with Bristol elements, one of the most requested is certainly that of the sofa with peninsula. The peninsula is an element that creates in one of the two end sides of the sofa an area with greater depth, which is usually used as a relaxation area, where to stretch the legs, to read, watch television or for a short moment of rest.

The peninsula of the Bristol sofa measures 170 cm in depth, while a sofa with peninsula like the one you can see in this image measures 315 cm in length. If your living room is smaller, there is also a shorter version. You can have a Bristol sofa with peninsula even in a width of only 275 cm.

Choose the sofa composition with corner pull-out seat

The terminal element, combined with the removable seats and the optional headrest, offer moments of total comfort, allowing everyone to find the best sitting position. The terminal element, unlike the peninsula, creates a real corner where the backrest follows the whole composition.

The corner terminal element of the Bristol sofa has a size of 102x228 cm, and combined with a side element like the one in the 205 cm photo, it creates a composition of 307x228 cm. Also in this case in the linear seats it is possible to apply one or two slide mechanisms that allow the seat to slide forward by 23 cm. The terminal element, on the other hand, is fixed, ready to welcome your friends for an evening with friends

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