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The comfort of the L-shaped sofas

The upholstered sofas with the comfortable peninsula are the maximum expression of comfort. Paris is a sofa characterized by a strong formal research with a result that highlights a comfortable ergonomics.

The model, also available in a linear version, responds to the different needs of space and personal taste, always offering wide, comfortable and soft seats. The maximum relax is guaranteed by the ergonomics of the backrest, the possibility of adjusting the height and the modularity of the sofa with a peninsula available in two different sizes.
The shapes of the sofa, linear and clean, are completed with an accessory pouf which, when placed next to the sofa seats, acts as a chaise longue.

Adjustable backrests for the maximum comfort

The square-shaped armrest makes the upper part welcoming. The apparently low backrests are equipped with a ratchet mechanism that allows the height to be adjusted, one per seat, helping individual support choices.
Almost all Doimo Salotti models have a peninsula and can be upholstered in either fabric or leather. Normally the covers of the sofas made of fabric, eco-leather or microfibre are completely removable, instead those made of leather are not.
The compositions with peninsula can be requested linear or angular. If you want to have a peninsula for each one, you can combine one right and one left forming a very deep and very comfortable linear sofa.