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A sofa that guarantees quality of padding and comfort

Vision è the maximum expression of comfortà of a sofa and does not fear comparisons in terms of padding, finishes and sizing of the seats. A design that is not at all obvious, born to embellish modern living rooms with discretion.

Sitting on this sofa conveys an immediate feeling of well-being. The reason, è the great comfortà padded cushions in mixed feather. The harmony that is created with the sartorial type of upholstery , gives the sofa an unparalleled class .

Wide and deep seats

The generous shapes of the structure and the armrest convey safety and thanks to the vast quantityà of elements, Vision può take on infinite looks, both in shape and size.

The wide and comfortable peninsula , available with two depthsà 160 and 171 cm , transformerà the sofa in the favorite place of the house, where you can relax and rest. The può coating; be in fabric, microfibre and eco-leather or leather. All completely removable except for the leather version.

Data sheet

  • Solid fir wood structure, raw wood particle board and hard wood fiber panel.

  • Seat springing with elastic belts.

  • Padded structure in polyurethane foam, bonded and resinated interliner.

  • Padded back in mixed feather.

  • Seat upholstered in polyurethane foam with different densitiesà and mixed feather.

  • Black plastic foot, H 5.5 cm.

  • Upholstery in fabric, e  microfibre; removable eco-leather o  non-removable leather.

The base of the sofa becomes a support surface

Vision allows you to take advantage of a large countertop where &is; It is possible to place a soft cushion, which can be used as an armrest.

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