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3 ways to furnish an exclusive living room with a corner sofa

On the web, many articles will tell you that you can put a corner sofa near the window, leaning against the wall or in the center of the room, but the best position is always the one that offers you maximum freedom of movement. To begin with, it is fair to point out that corner sofas are not all the same. For example, our models allow to be configured according to the customer's space requirements, as well as according to his habits.

The best tips to properly place a corner sofa in your living room

It is often really difficult to place the sofa in the right position, especially if it is a corner modular sofa which is much larger than a standard two-seater fixed sofa and for this reason it occupies a larger surface.
An angular (or L-shaped) sofa, by definition, creates a very pleasant and separate situation from the rest of the house, ideal for relaxing and conversing with friends or family. The dimensions, decidedly important, give the whole room a sophisticated and very trendy charm.

Which composition should I choose?

if we talk about open spaces, but also inside medium-small apartments, corner sofas can be the solution that best satisfies the search for comfort, design and functionality.
It is based on these needs that we will now give you 3 solutions to correctly arrange a corner sofa in the living room of your house, allowing the whole family to enjoy the experience of comfort to the full in a welcoming and relaxing environment.

Modular sofa with corner terminal

If the space does not allow you to position a large corner sofa, you can obtain a similar result, saving the space, simply combining a 2 or 3-seater linear element with a terminal element (or corner end element) that you could, therefore, use both as a comfortable chaise longue and as a terminal seat.

Optimize the available space with a built-in coffee table

A coffee table always comes in handy near a nice corner sofa, especially if you want to welcome your guests in the best way, perhaps for an aperitif. But sometimes it becomes a limit, because it takes away freedom of action and is a little uncomfortable even during daily house cleaning.
The second solution we want to recommend is a supporting table integrated in the corner modular sofa, finished in such a way as to be used as a coffee table built into the structure of the sofa.

Corner sofas with built-in coffee tables

In this particular configuration, Leonard sofa uses a support surface as a connection between the sofa and a terminal element without a backrest.
Another example is the Spencer model. Eclectic and contemporary, this solution allows you to change the configuration of the sofa by simply moving the seat cushion.

The sizes of the 3-seater or 2-seater corner sofas by Doimo are manifold. Browsing you can discover the different ideal sofas to design the space with a modern and essential style.

Create your own corner sofa!

In this case, the password is daring and if you have a space large enough, this is also the typical solution to be placed "in the spotlight" in the center of the room, to be admired and shared.

Newton might be just the sofa for you! This unconventional modular sofa model can be freely arranged according to the situation you want to create, so why not, also as a corner sofa. The seats can be manufactured with different dimensions in width and depth, while the movable backrests adapt their position to better meet your needs: tea with friends, Netflix marathon or to read a book in complete relax. Newton is the answer that leaves room to your desire to re-design the living room in many original ways.