Coffee table and sofa: the perfect couple

In the interior design you can find interesting compatibilities, furnishing pieces that fit well in shape and style. From their match, interesting combinations are born to furnish the living room. We have selected some for you.

How to match the coffee table with the sofa

The Spencer sofa has the Nexus built-in table as an ideal complement. It is light and linear like the shapes of the sofa, slender, fits perfectly both frontally and on the side of the sofa, ready to serve a coffee or hold a book. "Always together like bread and butter" said Forrest Gump.

10 examples of exclusive settings

Decomposing traditional shapes to impress is the prerogative of Kirk modern coffee tables, available in three sizes and in various combinations of materials that mix metal, wood and stone. They perfectly complement a sofa in soft and enveloping fabric like the Club model.