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Various types of modern sofas

Modern sofas can be either corner sofas or linear sofas with peninsula/chaise longue or arranged as a lounge consisting of two sofas of the same or different size or even if you prefer, more traditionally, a sofa with two armchairs.

Today the best selling composition for Doimo Salotti is the linear one with the chaise longue. Modern sofas can have a low back or a high back, in a fixed or relax version, lift up footrest or lift up headrest or both versions or even in the bed version for those who have little space and want to have an extra bed. But the choice does not end here. The sofas have very different available depths according to the space available. Let's say that normally a sofa measures 99 cm in depth but we also find 86 cm as well as 127 cm depending on the model and the required characteristics.

Doimo Salotti solves every client's needs of modern taste

Most people who come home after a hard day at work love to sprawl on the sofa and relax with their legs raised. And therefore if we have a linear modular sofa with peninsula, the first place occupied is precisely where there is this element with the chaise longue because it is very comfortable, as you have the possibility of keeping your legs raised and resting as if we had a large pouf in front.

Furthermore, if the model has a high, comfortable backrest and excellent lumbar support such as the Paris model, made mainly of leather, then relaxation is perfect.

Once you chose the modern sofa you prefer, let's focus on the coverings

Almost all models can be made in fabric, detachable or dry cleanable, in leather, frosted, full grain or nubuck or in technical fabrics such as nabuk, microfibre, or eco-leather effect. Solid colors or printed or jacquard. In short, the choice is really wide like the over 500 colors on which to choose the perfect one for our home.

Among the various upholstery we find the stain-resistant fabrics of which Doimo Salotti has been the promoter, communicating it both on television, on the website, at retailers and on social media through videos or live tests at our sales point. These fabrics are recommended by us for those who have children or those who eat on the sofa or have a lot of parties with friends at home. In short, those who love their living room and want to live in full freedom.