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Long live your sofa

We strongly believe that the long life of our sofas is not only a real value, but the way to decrease the production of municipal solid waste. In Italy the percentage of bulky solid urban waste, of which the furnishings are also part, stands at around 3.5 % of the total. Pu&memorize options; all in all it seems a little, but if this percentage is compared to a total municipal waste of 30.1 million tons / year, it means that every year we produce over 1 million tons of bulky waste in Italy. * And unfortunately the trend è growing, hand in hand with the push of consumer commercial proposals. The furnishings “ disposable” are no longer sustainable.

But our commitment goes further: reuse what you have.

A new sofa is not always needed to refresh the appearance of the living room. The fabric collections of the Doimo Salotti sofas are removable. This feature allows you to reorder even the replacement of the coverings.

We guarantee availability, i.e. the possibility of still finding the covers of the sofa you purchased, up to 10 years after the model has been discontinued.

This means that even if the sofa is out of print, and its coating has worn out over time, or you don't like it anymore, or you want to change color, for another 10 years we can make new covers for you, choosing from the Doimo Salotti fabrics sample, always constantly updated with home furnishing trends. We have more than 450 color variations among our fabrics and, even if the same fabric is no longer available, you can certainly find one, another equally valid and beautiful.

Businesses must help raise this awareness of reuse to increasingly extend the life cycle of products. We are very proud when you write to us "I have had a Doimo Salotti sofa for 20 years and it is still perfect ... can I only change the fabric of the covers?". It fills our hearts with happiness, because we know that we have done a good job. Committing to the path of sustainability is a real responsibility in which we strongly believe. We are aware that the path is still long and there will be further improvement margins not expressed here, but we are confident of achieving our goal, thanks also to your support as a conscious consumer.

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