Enrico N.

The Wood Rocker

Enrico's family has been masterfully working with wood for four generations. As a boy he began working with his father to learn the secrets of the trade but also to buy his first electric guitar, a Gibson Les Paul Custom.
He learned how to build his own guitars from scratch and now owns seven or eight of them, which he uses when playing with his band.
Dreaming, designing, creating and finally playing your own product: what a satisfaction for the mind and the senses, just like this Doimo Salotti sofa.

The greatest satisfaction? Knowing how to shape wood and in this way give life to my passions.


Enrico's sofa

Enrico could not have chosen a better sofa by Bart: modern and refined design in perfect balance between the Scandinavian-inspired shape and the seating ergonomics that distinguish contemporary sofas.

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