Minimal. A furnishing bench with essential lines

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minimal design element
minimal design element

Bench with minimal lines for refined environments

Minimal è a piece of furniture with essential lines that easily contextualizes itself in the rooms of the più sought after to traditional.

The bench è made with an elegant metal frame with a square section, and a top that can be worn; be requested in various finishes.


Data sheet

  • MINIMAL è a bench, multi-function console available in a 26-rsquo; single size.

  • FRAME FINISH: in 2x2 cm square section metal, Vintage Bronze painted.

  • TOP FINISH: faced in Asia, India, Terra, Spatolato finishes or in the lacquered colors from the samples with full top or in Gray Stone with top made up of two slabs.

Exclusivity and design expressed in a minimal element

The Minimal è sideboard; an essential furnishing proposal that is contextualized in the various living contexts without being intrusive.

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