Crocus Expo 2017

Crocus Expo Doimo (invariato)
Crocus Expo Doimo (invariato)


Doimo Salotti Made in Italy with refined taste

Leather line and fabric line presented through two representative models of the brand: Clark and Roland. Clark, newà from the Emporio 2017-2018 collection, è a sofa in leather, or leather and fabric, with a characteristic half-moon shape, made unique by the capitonnè workmanship; of the backrest structure. Roland, a fabric model, plays on important soft shapes and comfort; of sitting.

The main exhibition center of Russia

Every October l’ appointment with the design of the home-furniture sector è at the Saloni WorldWide Moscow, a reference event for Russia and the countries of its geopolitical basin. 300 exhibiting companies from all over the world exhibiting their best products all’ inside of Crocus Expo

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