Salone del Mobile 2017

The sofa interpreted more and more as a place of relaxation but also functional furniture

The constant collaborations with architects and designers make the collections never repetitive, giving the products unique aspects. Like the Leonard sofa, designed by architect Angelo Armanno, the project that sees 26-rsquo; integration of d&rsquo elements; furniture such as bookcases and shelves to the simple seat. L’ union of upholstered seat and back elements in leather with linear elements in fine wood for the structure and additional components. The Leonard può sofa; be equipped with bookcases that can be positioned to replace the backrest, the armrest or both. Thanks to the cockpit armrest the modularityà of the sofa è almost infinite. Solutions in step with the times and with the changing needs of end users. There is no shortage of newsà also in coatings. L’ company puts in the catalog a new type of leather and a new fabric program. From the skin we find Stone, which enters the offer of the Emporio collection. A leather with a 26-rsquo; lived-in and frosted effect, vintage, thanks to a particular treatment during processing. In the fabrics instead Fashion, a deconstructed chenille with multiple versions. The complete fabric upholstery program includes 38 variants.

Doimo Salotti 2017 news presented in Milan

Doimo Salotti brought many noveltiesà to the Salone del Mobile 2017; both in the formal field and as regards the research of materials. First’ technical innovations, to create balanced products able to satisfy functional needs and aesthetic sense.

The chester sofa returns in 2017 trends

A praise to the capitonnè manufacturing technique; revisited in modern and trendy shapes. Fine finishing in the Royal and Clark models, the capitonnè enhances the shapes without weighing down the volume or decreasing their comfortà The right balance between fine structure finish and seat comfort in leather sofas.

Modern furnishing proposals and consumer needs always met, in the name of quality made in Italy

Versatilityà of forms, compositions and coverings at the base of all projects to give each end user their perfect sofa. Doimo Salotti participates in the Nartist project and with l’ occasion of the Salone he presented some unpublished furnishings with integrated inserts ad hoc for l’ insertion of works d’ art. Furnishings also present at the Fuorisalone of Brera Design District at the SENO Gallery.

All this presented in a stand with settings recreated to highlight the sofas and give the visitor the feeling of being in the living room at home. Large spaces and welcoming atmospheres for an emotional journey through the newsà of the collections of the Doimo lounges.

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