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Salone del mobile virtual tour
Salone del mobile virtual tour

Living and furnishing the living room with Doimo Salotti

The new home furnishing concept, developed under the artistic and creative direction of Architect Angelo Armanno, interprets and transforms the living space in the home. Our sofas are enriched with stylistic combinations, new materials, new shapes and material textures.

In the new collection, Doimo Salotti presents four living styles (Industrial, Urban, Loft and Elegant) offering complete furnishings: sofas, sideboards, bookcases, armchairs, coffee tables, carpets, lamps, as well as più accessories; decorative such as vases and wall coverings with wallpaper. All products are designed and customized to tastefully interpret the style of modern homes, offering fascinating color and material combinations, in line with modern living trends.

1. Green, blue to decorate with the colors of nature

The trendy home environments in 2019 are furnished in shades of 26-agrave; lively, which at the Salone 2019 are more successful than the tried and tested monotonous. Alongside the combinations that evoke the colors of nature (earth, sand, wood) there are different shades of green, from più intense up to the shades of blue. The color è declined on many surfaces: fabrics, lacquered panels, walls. The green è warm and Mediterranean with a fresh note of mint also typical of the ’ 50s furnishings.

2. Furnishing shapes: long live the softness

The furnishing shapes that will return to fashion in our homes will be soft, intended as structures with no sharp edges, sharp cuts, but eager for a newfound softness. In the upholstered sofas, the sofas are enveloping, with soft feather cushions to sink into, as proposed with the Baltic sofa in our Urban living room furniture.

3. New modularity in the living room furniture

Modularity becomes an important element in the furniture and even more the ability of the elements to integrate with each other: sideboards, tables, suspended bookcases, everything comes from the same module that stretches, doubles or multiplies, but remains intact in the primary form. Modular means adding or removing even a piece of furniture based on the availability of space, a concept fully taken up by the new Lexia sideboards (available from autumn 2019).

4. Subtle games of threads and weaves: the new lighting for the living room

S&Grave; with well-defined geometries, weaves and styles. There is no living room that does not deserve a careful combination and the choice of a lamp that enriches it with personality.

Doimo Salotti proposes lamps with a game of 26-rsquo; intertwining of metal wires, combining the frame of the structure, a modern network, also 26-rsquo; it in metal material. The shapes are geometric and adorned with a touch of fantasy combined with colored and brushed cables.

5. The new neoclassical: elegant and modern come together

Elegant, but not too much: the new neoclassical furniture overlooks the panorama of the style proposed at the Salone del Mobile, where elements of furniture and classic finishes blend with more modern forms, giving life to a refined style, but not at all opulent.

The elegant environment proposed by Doimo Salotti for the living room is traditional and warm in the choice of colors, as well as in the floral patterned texture of the wallpaper, but at the same time innovative in the proposal of new materials and finishes such as those of the Alma sideboard. The square-shaped chest of drawers of the doors is modernized with the insertion of silk-screened glass in the antique oxide color. This texture recalls classic effects, a light cloud cover typical of the backgrounds in late 18th century paintings, but lightened by a markedly modern structure. Even the coffee tables of the same Alma collection retrace the same concept: a slender, minimal structure with modern metal finishes, but a surface made refined by the silk-screened glass.

6. The wood effect is the common thread in the living room

Among all the materials, the leading role, in home furnishings, of wood in different finishes and colors, all united by the “ fil rouge” " fil verte" which recalls nature. The new woods for furniture, whether real or similar as the wood-effect melamine, have a soft appearance that tends to highlight the very grain of this precious material.

Among the finishes proposed by Doimo Salotti in its sideboards, we mention the gray oak finish combined with teal and l’ etimoè lacquers; which marries l’ combination with l’ dark burnished brass and l’ antique oxide silk-screened glass door.

7. Never again without wallpapers

It is an imperative in the decoration of the house in recent years. There is no environment that cannot be customized, embellished, made unique by the application of a modern wallpaper. One of the codified decoration rules is that in the room only one wall - the main one - is highlighted by the paper decoration, while the others are in solid colors, with colors that connect the furnishings to the walls themselves.

On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2019 Doimo Salotti previewed five textures for five different wallpapers. The proposal is to combine them with the furnishings of the living area following a style. The sofa, be it modern, design or classic, with its right combination of accessories (sideboards, coffee tables, lamps, rugs and wallpaper) becomes a stylistic coordinate that personalizes the home.

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