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Design Angelo Armanno

customizable sofa bed
customizable sofa bed

Customizable sofa bed

To transform Tabor into a comfortable bed, there is no need to remove the backrest and seat cushions, becauseé at the opening of the net, the cushions will follow; the movement of the mechanism, remaining firmly anchored. In the bed version, Tabor is supplied as standard with a 17 cm high polyurethane mattress with 4 different width sizes. E’ It is also possible to ask for the memory foam mattress always 17 cm high.

Data sheet

  • Structure made of plywood, solid wood and hard wood fiber panels.

  • Seat support consisting of polypropylene elastic straps.  

  • Padding in polyurethane and resin.

  • Bed mechanism in painted metal and elastic straps in the seat.

  • Mattress è in polyurethane foam H 17 cm, 200 cm long and 75, 120, 140 and 160 cm wide respectively. Optional è memory foam mattress available.

  • Black plastic foot H 5 cm on the armrests and hidden cylindrical transparent foot H 8 cm under the net.

  • Completely removable cover. Covered in fabric, eco-leather, microfiber or leather.  

Modern modular sofa bed

In the modular version of Tabor we find all the options to transform our living room into a comfortable and functional island for rest. This is also thanks to the comfortable bed with extra-thick mattress, the functional metal shelf and the practical peninsula with storage compartment for storing pillows and blankets for the night. E’ also available a peninsula with measures più contained.

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